Trust our team

Quality Fundraising


We are a team in which every person has a voice

From our experienced client services team, to our dedicated fundraising teams, MonDial have the most committed and passionate staff who truly believe in the causes they call for 



Our fundraising supports the change, activism, research, relief and care which means; we’re closer than we’ve ever to beating cancer, that the elderly and vulnerable in our community can be cared for and that humans and animals may be treated with dignity… 

Giving Back


We actively recruit and employ fundraiser of all ages and backgrounds.  We're especially proud of our  "mature" members of the team

Their life experience and history adds real value to conversations with donors

Client Service


With years of fundraising, direct marketing and bar tending experience. The client services team are brilliant communicators and meticulous planners, who above all are passionate about raising money for great causes

We believe in taking ownership and claiming accountability for the work that we do for our clients. This helps your telephone fundraising campaigns flourish

We’ll keep you in the loop with daily updates and reports – Being so client orientated means the team have the necessary cut through to make all the good stuff happen behind the scenes. And while they’re at it, they’ll analyse your campaign regularly so that your results can get even better 

Not only that, they’ll hook you up with all the ad hoc, anecdotal, qualitative and quantitative feedback you’d ever need

If you'd like to find out more, have request or need a cocktail recipe, click below to find out more or you can call us +61 2 8001 3005



Lets be honest, we've haven't a clue what they actually do... we just know we'd be lost without them

They are glue which holds us together

You'll be supported and have your questions answered along with a resolution to any number of requests, updates or last minute needs which may get thrust into the mix - The Op's team will do all this for you and with ethereal grace and splendour

If a solution is needed, they'll endeavour to find it

Call Center


We are very lucky to have such a dedicated and lets be honest and awesome team in the call center

As a business we've benefited enormously by growing our own talent and the call center is our incubator

Nearly everyone at MonDial started working on the call floor and has flourished in an environment that is hard working, professional and fun

We have past team members who've moved in to successful positions within charities and the wider world; we are very proud to have played a part in their success and thank them for their part in ours

If you are interested in joining the team click below to join our team or call us 1800 62 99 62