If you've recieved a call from us...

We may have called you, should our trying to reach you have inconvenienced you, then we apologise. 

We make outbound telephone calls on behalf of Australian or New Zealand charities. Our calls come as a result of interest you may have shown or support given to one of these organisations.

The purpose for our calls is to thank you for the support and interest you have shown. In addition to this it is a chance to provide an update of the critical work and efforts you’ve supported. 

Please let me reassure you we do not retain, sell or use your details for any other purpose than for the telephone call we’ve attempted.  

Australian charities are exempt from the Do Not Call Register and contacting supporters by telephone is the most direct way to hear their thoughts and feedback. 

We understand contact by telephone isn’t the ideal method of communication for everyone.  We try to be careful about the timings of our calls and our staff are trained directly by our charity partners concerning their cause, campaigns and supporters.  

We report back to our clients frequently with the status of their campaigns and enquiries such as yours

Once again, I apologise if we have inconvenienced you. 

Should you wish us to remove your details and confirm the reason we called or make an enquiry concerning a call you've received please click below