Join us, become a fundraisers because of the amazing potential and hope there is in bringing great causes and generous, passionate people together to make change. This is why we need to you to join our team and make a difference. We welcome applications from those new to or those experienced in fundraising, call centres. Life experience is essential

So here are some reasons to become a fundraiser:

  • Become a fundraiser because violence against women and children continues to be routinely excused and downplayed.
  • Become a fundraiser because we’re sleepwalking into catastrophic climate change that will put everything we hold dear at risk.
  • Become a fundraiser because over 100,000 people are experiencing homelessness in Australia.
  • Become a fundraiser because violence has led over 700,000 Rohingya families to flee for the border to Bangladesh in the hope of safety.
  • Become a fundraiser because mothers, husbands and children die from cancer, heart disease and serious illness

Fundraising supports the change, activism and care which means; we’re closer than we’ve ever been to beating cancer, that the elderly and vulnerable in our community can be cared for and that humans and animals may be treated with dignity.  But don't take our word for it... read what our staff say below

To find out more information and to make an application click the link below

If you have some questions and would prefer to talk to us. You are welcome to contact us during office hours on - 1800 62 99 62